Interested? Excited? Ready to discover your options? Great, so are we. There’s just a form to fill out first. Yes, we know; and normally we’d agree: Forms are a drag. Only, we know what’s on the other side of this one: Good things. So, help us get you started. You’ll need 4 documents handy…

  • The Settlement
  • The Mortgage (Deed of Trust, Contract etc.)
  • The Promisory Note
  • The Payment Record

Given these, the fill-out will be thorough and quicker. And, of course if you have any questions, or even would like someone to help you with the form, feel welcome to call us at 888-323-8306.

See you at the Handshake!

  • Please tell us about the property you are receiving payments on.

  • Please provide information on the Mortgage Note, Trust Deed, or Real Estate Contract.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, xls, doc, docx, ppt, .
  • It is helpful to have copies of the transaction documents to provide a more accurate note analysis. You can upload copies from your computer or fax to our office.
  • When you are ready to send the information please select "Yes" and then click on the Submit Button below.