Note Sellers Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why Should I Sell My Mortgage Note?
  • Okay. Why Is Asset Capital Group The Best Money Source For Me?
  • How Do I Get The Most Value From My Note?

Our FREE Note Owners Handbook, filled with helpful articles and tips, contains forms you can fax to help us give you the very best quote. Easy to read, it offers advice on how to reach the highest value of your Mortage Note—much of it in ways not apparent at first. Our gift to you, to get you started.

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I Have My Reasons, But I’m Curious: Why Do Other People Sell Their Mortgage Notes?

Goodness, the motivations are as varied as our lives, and as important as them.

  • Big Medical Expenses
  • A Retirement Opportunity
  • That Sudden Splurge
  • Your Son’s Tuition
  • The Granddaughter’s First Car
  • A Tax Bill
  • It’s Vacation Time!
  • The Chance To Invest

To End The Paperwork Hassles of Monthly Accounting, and the Ever-growing Dodd-Frank Regulations (…Have you seen the new annoyances regarding Taxes & Insurance Escrow? Enough to end many a romance between the Note and the Holder).

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Why Note Sellers Sell Their Mortgage Notes

How Am I Paid For My Mortgage Note

How Am I Paid By ACG When I Sell My Note?

In Guaranteed Funds, once we receive the final package of documents. All the money that your House is worth…All at once…In your hands. Chances are it’s what you ideally wanted to begin with, yes? And we at ACG make that kind of thing happen—Everyday.

Some Mortgage Noteholders simply worry, over time, about the possibility of the note payments just stopping, and of the grueling process of foreclosure (Very Expensive), and ask us, please, to replace their concerns with Peace Of Mind, and the great relief of Cash.

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What Part Can I Play In The Maximum Value Of My Note?

When the property was sold, much of the Note’s value was already determined. But there are still some very golden things you can do. In short: Good records equal Greater value. No records, or bad records, equal no or minimal added value.

  • Copies of all payments received. A spreadsheet or payment log works very well.
  • A Copy, from the current year, of the Property Insurance.
  • Something showing verification of current property taxes.

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How To Maximize the Value Of My Mortgage Note

Selling Part of My Mortgage Note

Interesting. Can I Really Sell Just Part Of My Note? Instead Of It All?

Oh yes. Something many aren’t aware of. A Mortgage Note is, in the speak, a “financial instrument”. It isn’t fixed, like a Piano, but is more elastic, like an Accordion. All those little monthly payments you enjoy, that extend out across the length of the loan, can also be squeezed together at will, to give the Mortgage a whole new tone; one that may sound like music to your ears: More Money At Once.

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What All Determines The Value Of My Note?

A number of things combined:

  • The Monthly Payment Amount
  • The Down Payment Amount
  • The Buyer’s Payment History
  • The Interest Rate
  • The Buyer’s Credit Rating
  • The Length Of The Repayment (The Term)

The factors you see in the illustration at right also figure in. And even Inflation is considered, since Money now is worth more than Money later.

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Neighborhoods and Property Value

Will Selling My Note Affect The Payer

Selling My Note Will Affect The Payer How?

They may not even notice. Only the address where the payments are mailed differs.

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I Thought Once About Selling My Note, But I Wasn’t Sure How To Begin?

Our link here might have made that easier (Online Form). Or, if a human voice is more to your liking, we are always available at (888) 323-8302. Do you have copies of the following documents? If not, get them. They make for the kind of Note Analysis that, in the end, means More Money, Faster, and Better.

• Note and Mortgage (Deed of Trust or Contract)
• Closing Statement
• Buyer Information: The Original Credit Application
• Current Mortgage Balance and Buyer Payment History
• Title Insurance Policy
• Current Hazard Insurance Policy

We then make you an offer subject to verification of a free & clear title, a property appraisal, and the buyer’s credit review. Once under contract, and given all the above documentation, your cash can come in as little as 10-15 working days.

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How Do I Begin Selling My Note

Get paid in guaranteed funds

How Am I Paid By ACG When I Sell My Note?


In guaranteed funds (cashier’s check or direct transfer) once we receive the final package.

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Asset Capital Group should be my choice because…?

• Rapid Closings
• Customer Service Worth The Phrase
• Competitive Quotes
• Strong Financials
• Creativity
• All Privacies Protected
• Industry Credibility

At ACG we provide top rate service combined with the best prices available. We have to. There simply is no other way to do good business.

We understand that not everyone is ready to make a deal right away. That’s fine; we get it. Nonetheless, it is important that we get to stay in front of you, if we can—and we’re never a pest. To help you when you’re ready, would you mind filling out the info-field below? It gives our really good Advice Series a shot, every couple of weeks, of making you an even better Note Holder while you edge closer to your Yes.

And if it should gently remind you, along the way, of just whom you should be dealing with come time to improve or unload that Mortage Note?…Then so much the better.

See you soon, and we thank you.

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